Watching your Words

We discussed extensively in my independent media class that former president Bill Clinton wasn’t media savvy enough when he made some controversial remarks about a reporter after it was posted on Huffington Post’s Off the Bus series.

But is Obama doing much better? He, too, might forget sometimes that a microphone is always around.

An article from USA Today notes that Obama asked donors “do they think we’re stupid?” in reference to the Republicans’ budget proposals that cut funding to programs like Planned Parenthood. Obama thought the media was out of the room, but a CBS reporter still had a microphone on and was taking notes.

While Obama’s comments were not malicious, and in all likelihood will probably not taint his character or reputation as president, the report itself proves that cameras and microphones are always running, and even a guy like Obama, who utilized multimedia in his successful 2008 campaign, might forget how pervasive this kind of technology really is.

Of course, I am sure that this comment will be manipulated by several mainstream outlets to demonize Obama as an immature or rude person. However, while I have many issues with the Commander-in-Chief, I would argue that  he is, indeed, correct in pointing out the flawed logic of holding a breast cancer-screening provider like Planned Parenthood accountable for the Wall Street-orchestrated collapse


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