Great indy doc by heir to Johnson throne

I just saw a fantastic and disturbing documentary by the son of the Johnson fortune called The One Percent.

It documents the life of the top one percent of Americans who own around half of the wealth in the entire country. The documentary is insightful and tragic in its comprehensive portrayal of the rationality routinely by  the richest Americans who somehow convince themselves that they live and work in an economic system of fairness and equality.

Perhaps the most chilling part of the movie (besides the Hurricane Katrina footage) is a quote from a real estate agent currently facilitating the gentrification of the South Side of Chicago, which has driven out members of the Black community living there.

“We need to cleanse the earth of these people,” he said. He explained how it was easy to kick out poorer communities of color by engaging in cunning tricks, i.e. building a police station in the area, shutting down local schools, etc. The scene was needless to say almost unbelievable.

I definitely recommend it!!! here’s the trailer.


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