Interactive Learning

I mentioned in class the other day that Al Jazeera offers some interactive, multimedia news packages that combine creativity with informative content.

One of their more recent programs — Birth Rights — examines the various ways in which women’s conditions around the world influence the process of giving birth. Health disparities, economic restraints and other footprints of globalization are given in-depth coverage.

The interactive features are effective and user-friendly. They provide an outlet through which the audience can select certain kinds of mediums that they find the most intriguing — whether it’s a video, graph, or extensive article.

A system of interactive media like this one (which uses, for examples, the popular Internet tool Prezi) affords Al Jazeera the online space for comprehensive coverage, too.

The site can examine issues as big as birth rights around the world from a variety of angels and perspectives all packaged neatly onto one multimedia page. There is no need for jam-packed linking or overloading the site. Everything is available and accessible all at once, which makes it much more easy for the user to find content and explore, while simultaneously alleviating some of the organizational headaches that come with a project like this one.

Check it out!


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