Big Brother Gets Bigger

An older editorial from CommonDreams cited some disturbing information about Verizon blocking a NARAL message service as “spam,” even though the pro-choice advocate group required individuals to sign up for their text update plan.

This piece reminded me that companies like Verizon are not only powerful enough to engage in shady actions such as web or phone censorship, but that they are only getting bigger from here on out — a trend that will not only impact options and payments, but also who gets to censor whom and what kind of legislative or judicial roadblocks and censorship such powerful companies might be able to pursue.

With the recent buy out of T-Mobile by AT&T, and debates around net neutrality, it seems as though the Big Brothers of phone, cable and internet providers are becoming one of the same person. What does this mean for censorship?

Will greater control of communication resources result in groups like NARAL being blocked from services under tactfully misinterpreted labeling? Let’s hope not.


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